KeyWild CAD Library

A FREE Public Domain CAD Library

Author: Lewis Balentine

“Engineering is the art of planning and forethought.”

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“No good deed goes unpunished.” ― Oscar Wilde

Library Description:

This library is an ongoing personal project to create a PUBLIC DOMAIN collection of files to be used in CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) systems as “insert blocks”.  Current count (04 July 2013) is about 3,800 DWG blocks.

Most of these DWG files were created with the software DRAFTSIGHT: a FREE software package produced by Dassault Systèmes available for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.  Anyone may download, install and use this software (see the web links at the bottom of this page). There is simple yearly email activation. DraftSight is a two dimensional CAD system with some 3D (Three Dimensional) capabilities. This software is very similar to the previous generation of the classic AutoCad software produced by Autodesk. These blocks (“.dwg” files) should be compatible with the following CAD software (among others):



Ares Commander



Corel CAD





Note that Draftsight can be used to export these DWG files to other formats such as SVG, EMF, EPS, JPG, PNG or PDF for use in other software such as: GIMP, PhotoShop, Corel Draw, Paint.Net or Illustrator.

Files currently available: 

All DWG distribution files (with a few exceptions) are archives compressed with the open source file archiver “7-ZIP” using the LZMA2 compression format. These archives achieve an order of magnitude greater compression for DWG files than the previous used ZIP archive format. If your operating system does not already have it then FREE software for decompressing the 7z files can be found at the URL: 

Library Documentation:

This section is the basic Library documentation. The PDF document covers basic file/block name conventions, archive format and revision history (boring details). There is also a spreadsheet with the dimensions used to create the fastener drawings. Note: some sections include their own documentation file specific to that section.

          April 2014: added E-Bike Hub motors and Generic Bicycle framer  

          KeyWild_Cad_Library_20130723.pdf   (243 KB)

          Fastener_Dimensions.xlsx  (256 KB)

Hex Head Fasteners 2D:


This section has two dimensional DWG blocks of Hex Head Cap Screws (Bolts), Nuts and Washers. These blocks include various levels of detail from simple to fully detailed (as shown to the left).The lengths range from 1/2 to 24 inches.


Hex Head 2D Documentation: (1.5 MB)

          KeyWild_Cad_Library Hex Head 2D_20130629.pdf


DWG Files Sampler: (239 KB)

1/2 nominal diameter through 3/4 to 3 inches long with nuts and master Drawing.



DWG Files Part 1: 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2: (2 MB)

This is about 1,700 DWG files (45 Mbytes) uncompressed.



 DWG Files Part 2: 9/16, 5/8, 3/4 , 7/8, 1: (2.5 MB)

          This is about 1,500 DWG files (50 Mbytes) uncompressed.

          This archive includes the scripts that export the DWG files from the master

          as well as each master in SVG format that can be viewed in your browser.



Hex Head Fasteners 3D Models:


This section has three dimensional DWG blocks Hex Head Cap Screws (Bolts) and Nuts. These models are implemented as a single multi-segmented “polymesh” for each object. Certain details can be included or excluded: fully formed helical threads, washer face, head radius.


Hex Head 3D Documentation: (1.3 MB)

This is the PDF documentation for this section of the CAD library. It is also the help file used by the “KeyWild Bolt 3D bolt Generator” available below.

          KW Bolt Gen.pdf


Hex Head 3D Model Sampler: (781KB)

This archive is a “sampler” of 1/2 inch nominal diameter fasteners at different level of complexity. It also includes a couple of the script files. Be forewarned that 240 segment part can really drag down your computer system (but they look great!).



Hex Head 3D Models – DWG files: (4 MB)

This archive is a collection of 700 DWG models. These are all Hex Head, Washer Face with Radiuses under the heads. They are the least complex model (24 segments) in UNC and UNF threads. In addition a full set of “unthreaded” models and all four forms of nuts are included. The nominal diameters are: 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 5/8, 9/16, 3/4, 7/8 and 1 inch with lengths from 1/2 to 12 inches in 1/2 inch increments. This archive is for those that do not want to go to the trouble of creating their own 3D library or for others to use as a starting point.



Keywild 3D Bolt Generator Program: (61 KB)

This archive is the software that was used to create the 3D models. The logistics of including a block for every possible size, option and level of detail is staggering. Instead I am making the software available. You can use it interactively to create models that are not included in the library or using this software you can build your own 3D model library with models designed to your own specifications. The archive includes the command line batch files that were used to create library blocks above. I run this on Windows7 X64 without any problems. Operation under Windows8 might be questionable (as well as why you have Windows8). You will need the PDF documentation (above) as well (it is used as the help file).


Keywild 3D Bolt Generator Program (with VB6 setup): (1.5 MB)

This is the same software with the VB6 MS runtime setup. (You only need this if you do not already have the VB6 runtime).



World MAP :


Sometime in the 1980’s the CIA placed a database of world latitude and longitude coordinates in the public domain: CIA World Databank II. These maps are generated from that database.

Documentation: (1.8 MB)

          KeyWild_Cad_Library_World Map_20130723.pdf


World Map (full detail):

This archive is a high resolution world map DWG file with the full 5.5 million data points. It also has the ‘World Cities’ layer inserted. Due to the size and complexity this file was produced with BricsCAD.

WorldMap: (44 MB)




Script Files (full detail):

These archives are the various script files described in the documentation PDF above. These may be useful for: Product Demonstration, Machine Burn In or Bench Marking. Please read the documentation before you download them.


scripts-small: (22 MB) (recommended for DraftSight)

This archive also includes bash shell scripts for Ubuntu.


scripts-large: (22 MB) (recommended for IntelliCAD or BricsCAD)


scripts-really-big: (22 MB) (recommended for IntelliCAD or BricsCAD)




Data Files:

This archive is the processed data files described in the documentation PDF above.

World Map Data: (20 MB)




World Map (original):

This archive is a high resolution world map generated from the DB data files. This was the first attempt and is somewhat smaller with less detail than the later files.

WorldMap: (20 MB)


Script Files: (7 MB)

This archive contains the scripts used to generate this world map.



World Cities:

This archive is a DWG file that can be inserted into the world map. It is made up of over 400 locations around the world (largest cities, capitals, highest points, etc.).

World Cities: (55 KB)


Miscellaneous :




Something to give a drawing a visible scale. This is a set of multi systems rulers:

  3, 10,15, 20, 24 centimeters (10 CM example shown)

  3, 3-1/2, 4, 6, 12 inches (3 inch example shown)

Rulers: (43 KB)





This is a series of drawing of various cartridges that I did for a novel that I wrote: “Back Office, Six Mountains”. Perhaps someone will find them useful: 7.62x51mm, 9x18mm, 9x19mm, 9x23mm, 12.7x108mm, 14.5x114mm, 20x102mm, 20x110mm, 25x163mm, 30-06 Springfield. (FYI: all the illustrations in the novel were done with DraftSight and then filled in with GIMP).

Ammo: (111 KB)





This is a collection of blocks used for drawing electronics bread board projects. Included are 175, 300 and 400 tie point breadboards as well as dip sockets, dip chips, switches, resistors, capacitors, pots and some ICs. Includes two sample Arduino layouts.

Breadboard: (1.2 MB)


E-bike Hub Motors:

These archives contain both 2D drawing and 3D models (exterior surfaces only) of various electric bicycle front mini-hub motors. These were developed by using the few dimensions provided in the PDF specifications and scaling the rest of the needed dimensions from the PDF file. Specified dimensions are shown in blue. Scaled dimensions are shown in red. Each archive contains the original drawing files, dimensioned PNG file, rendered 3D model as a PNG file (with transparency) and the cute sheet from the PDF specifications. All DWG and model files are compatible with the free version of Draftsight. Rendering was done with BricsCAD and Draftsight.

Cute Q75 Front Mini-Hub: (1.3 MB) NEW !

Cute Q85 Front Mini-Hub: (1.5 MB) NEW !

Cute Q100 Front Mini-Hub: (2.2 MB) NEW !

Outrider Front Mini-Hub: (1.3MB) NEW !

Bafang (8fun) SWXU Front Mini-Hub: (1.7 MB) NEW !

Golden Motor Front Mini-Hub: (1.0 MB) NEW !



This is a 2D drawing of generic 700C road bike frame. This drawing was created to illustrate some calculations. It is layered so that you can turn off the dimensions and nomenclature.

Generic Bicycle: (37 KB) NEW !


Utilities :




When working with CAD programs that utilize the DWG file format it is sometimes desired to convert a group of the CAD files into another graphic format such PNG, SVG or PDF. This may be because these formats are required for documentation, menu systems or are to be used on web sites. Converting each DWG file using the built in functions and menu system is adequate for a single file but quickly becomes tiresome time consuming task for multiple files. The Dwg2Png process automates this task allowing one to utilize their time more efficiently.

This process is not limited to converting DWG files to PNG files. With three simple files this methodology may be used as the basis to automate processing an entire directory structure or a single file for such things as printing, backups, distribution or data extraction. This would of course require that someone develop the appropriate CAD script and/or command files(s) for the target process. It is a simple matter to do this for exporting PNG, JPG, PDF, DXF, SVG and EMF file formats. Tasks such as printing could be a tad more challenging.

The archive contains two command files, one script file, five simple DWG files and a PDF file that fully documents the process. (631 KB)


CAD Web Links :

DraftSight: Dassault Systèmes FREE CAD software (requires email registration and live internet connection)

ARES Commander: a commercial version of the DraftSight software.

BricsCAD: an excellent 3D CAD system. This system emphasizes the use of constraints to build parametric models.

IntelliCAD: a DWG compatible CAD system. This primarily a source for VARs to build their own CAD systems.

ProgeCAD: a DWG compatible CAD system built from the IntelliCAD distribution.

CorelCAD: a DWG compatible CAD system built from the ARES CAD engine.

Upfront: a on line CAD magazine

Cadalyst: a on line CAD magazine

CADTutor: a site with AutoCAD Tutorials

OSE CAD: Open Source Ecology’s CAD index page

Paint.Net: This is a very useful “FREE” graphic program similar to GIMP or PaintShop .


Shameless Self Promotion:

KeyWild  Arduino: Arduino developments projects (Digital Thermometer)

Back Office, Six Mountains: A novel that I wrote (that no one has read)