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Lewis to play when he is not ...Looking for love in all the wrong places
(I gave up looking ... not worth the effort.)
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  1. Why 'KEYWILD.COM' ?
    . . . . Did you ever try to find a dot com name that was not registered??
  2. What HTML editor did Lewis use for this page ?
    . . . . notepad.exe (KISS)
  3. Why did the chicken walk across the road ?
    . . . . because it was afraid to fly.
  4. Why are there not more silly questions ?
    . . . . Because Lewis is senile and forgot them.

Some things relating to hobbies and day to day life. In other words ... anything I happen to toss in here.

  • Fantasy Fest 2003
    The folks down in Key West have this little 9 day party at the end of October. Fantasy Fest is a lot like Madi Gra but with warmer weather. People tend to dress (or not) accordingly. I have chosen a few less extreme pictures to convey the party enviroment.The Key West and FF links have been moved to the bottom of this page.
  • My Pelican Puzzle
    Got a few minutes to kill? Here is a interactive online jig-saw puzzle.

A few interesting places to visit.

  • Ghost Town
    Possibly the most astounding web site that I have seen. The young lady tells the story via a photo essay of Chernobyl nearly two decades after the worlds worst nuclear accident. Everyone needs to see this. PAR EXCELLENCE !!!

  • Irma's Field Notebook
    Irma Hale is a friend from West Palm Beach. This is a collection of articles and pictures of her various adventures. That includes two trips to Antartica (a bit cold for my taste).

  • Free Online Encyclopedia
    Wikipedia is a copyleft encyclopedia. In addition to the standard encyclopedic knowledge, Wikipedia includes almanac and gazetteer-like information as well as current events.

  • Jupiter, Florida
    This is the town I used to call home before the economic crash of 2008-2009.

  • Host Monster
    This is the company that hosts my web site. I have recently moved it (Jan 2011) from previous service provider. OCt 2013: I have been useing this service for several years now. I am very happy with the service.
  • and the search goes on ....

If you are still looking for something, trying searching one of these.

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Name: Lewis Balentine
Birthdate: 1 November 1950
Birthplace: Gary, Indiana, USA
Home: Houston, Texas
Occupation: not applicable
Marital Status: not

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